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There are a lot of green parties in Bulgaria, most of them don’t even try to participate on the elections. There is one, however, that try to make things different. They call themselfs “The green” (it sounds “Zelenite” in Bulgarian) and besides all difficulties make everything possible to change the way politic is made in Bulgaria. I wish them luck and from time to time make buy their gifts just to support them a little bit.

I particulary like the postcards with wild animals telling facts about our nature. The last one I bought was this beautiful picture of a white stork. Bulgarian teritory is the place where the biggest migration happens to Africa and from it. At autumn if you happen to be at the Blacksea coastline you can see huge flocks of storks gathering for their annual migration. We also believe the comming of storks marks the spring comming and stop wearing the traditional martenitсa after seen one. zelenite karti4ka sturkel

Speaking about beliefs, I think the most common one in the western culture is the belief of the stork bringing children. We don’t have it in my country but since we all whatch and read american and western european movies, animations and literiture, we are quite familiar with it. The funny part is not many people know how this belief became so spred. As far as I know this is an old norhtern european legend but Andersen who was fond of old folklore tales and legends from Denmark and the whole Scandianvia was the first to make it popular among writen culture. I believe it has something to do with the old european beliefs in the birds goddesses and particularly with the greek legend for Gerana (“gerana” means “crane” but still!) 🙂

Storks live near people but they do need their traditional habitat. They like open grasslands, particularly grassy areas which are wet or periodically flooded. You can see them on the plains after rain looking for frogs and other small animals. They eat vermins and keep the harvest safe and bring good luck to the people whose house they chose for builing their nest.


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