The old town of Kotel

The old town of Kotel Large Image


shamans-Town of Kotel by Andrey

It’s such a pleasure to recieve a postcard from a friend. Especialy if this is a custom made card by a photographer you admire and it’s someone who treasures the sorites behind the pictures just like you or even more like Andrey Andreev. This time I won’t tell you the story of the old town of Kotel on the picture, couse you can read it on wikipedia but a story about the bulgarian post offices.

You see, me and Andrey live in the same city of Sofia. We both love postcards and have profiles in postcrossing and it’s our hobby to send them. We both take pictures, me more as a hobby, he more as a profesional (at least he will be, I’m sure about it), I made my own postcards last year, he made one too this year and posted it in his blog. So we desided we have to exchange postcards but by mail, not like usualy – meeting somewhere in a coffe and swapping them without any stamps or messages. So we did it. I sent him this one (he posted it! 🙂 and he sent me his. So I started waiting. And waiting… and nothing happen. From time to time we were discussing how Easter and other holiday may delay the post and we have to be patient. I even dicided to restart my postcrossing account meanwhile. I even sent some postcards. One of them arrived in the USA (first from 11, 5 of which to Europe!) and still no postcard from Andrey. And just when I decided to write him the postcard is lost I found one in my box. Guess what? This was the second one he sends and has been sent 2 days before. Do you have any lost postcards? It doesn’t usualy happen to me and getting lost in the same city sounds a bit ridiculous 🙂

See the stamp here.

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