The Aachen Cathedral

The Aachen Cathedral Large Image


I’ve just recieved this lovely view of the Aachen cathedral from a girl from Netherlands. The cathedral is famous not only because of its roman architecture, but also because this is the oldest cathedral in northern Europe (I’m not sure but I thenk the oldest one in the entire continent is Agia Sofia in Istanbul) and is also the final resting place of Charlemagne. He build it in fact. I mean, the cathedral was build by Odo of Metz but Charlemagne was the king who started the construction. If you remember the round church from the TV-series, that how the cathedral looked like befaore the later additions.

I’m actually very happy I opened again my postcrossing profile and restarted sending postcards. There is nothing like the feeling when you find a postcard in your post box among the usual piles of bills and ads 🙂 . A great hobby to have! 🙂

shamans-Aachen Cathedral

I almost forgot! The interesting thing about this postcard is that it is a picture taken by the sender on her recent trip to Germany and I actualy have a Netherlandic stamp on it! Here it is – a lovely tall and narrow house here.

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